A walk down memory lane

Imagine you can take a carefree stroll through your life, among your dearest memories, viewing the best moments, the happiest and most rewarding times, and yet also the hardest times, when you had to fight to carry on with what you believed in.

This is a medley of the many projects developed by Lineasette since 1977. The founders, Giuseppe Bucco and Flavio Cavalli, two young novice potters at the time, have over the years invented and developed a new artistic sculptural style with imagination, creativity and ingenuity, while always striving to advance the evolution of ceramic tradition based on research and experimentation. Molding new shapes while testing revolutionary production techniques has led to the continuous broadening of their knowledge and to the acquisition of new and modern style elements that enhance not only their company’s artistic identity, but also that of the territory and the ceramic tradition of Nove.