Porcelain stoneware

Nove, Italy, where Lineasette’s handicraft laboratory is located, is known worldwide as “Ceramic Town”. The ancient art of pottery has been practiced here since the XVIII century, harnessing and developing the territory’s own resources.

Combining three natural elements, earth, water and fire, one can bring to life a multitude of manufactured products in unlimited shapes and designs.

Every article by Lineasette is created using purely hand crafted production techniques in exquisite porcelain stoneware, a mix of clays, kaolins and feldspars fired at very high temperatures (1200° C). This material produces a final product with sublime technical and expressive qualities. Years of research have led to the refinement of an exclusive formula that is jealously guarded. Our master craftsmen shape this dynamic and mutable material with constant and knowledgeable diligence.

Technical features


Every article is waterproof and nonabsorbent


The material is hard and firm, it is impossible to be scratched


The material does not lose its shape; nor does the glaze fade, crack or crumble over time


Weather conditions, natural or artificial light, high or low temperatures do not alter the product


Odorless and anallergic, the product is made of high quality natural raw materials. It is washable with any chemical detergent


Our products comply with Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004 “Food Contact Materials” and Regulation (EC) No 2023/2006


The color spectrum offered by Lineasette is the very exclusive result of a meticulous research aimed at setting off every article’s inner value.
The matte, rough and monochromatic coating typical of Lineasette’s products is obtained with an engobe (from French, “to cover with a layer of earth”) made of a mixture of clay, metallic oxides and siliceous sands. This coating gives each artwork a rough dotted coloring with an elegant chiaroscuro effect.
Some articles are coated with glossy vitrified colors, producing smooth, vivid and shiny surfaces.

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