Interior Design

Lineasette aims to put ceramic in the spotlight when it comes to spaces with new and contemporary shapes. For this reason, we hand-craft porcelain stoneware elements that can bring to life prestigious architectural projects. Modern houses are minimalistic and essential, and they need an artistic shape that enhances the environment by means of a unique and exclusive design.

TRILOGY by Giovanni Barbieri

Trilogy is a new concept in decorative tiles, that clearly distances itself from the traditional bi-dimensional wall tile. Following Giovanni Barbieri’s design for Stone Source, Lineasette created the first three-dimensional ceramic tiles. Three hexagonal modules are available to offer designers the utmost freedom to create distinctive arrangements and to take advantage of the tile’s variations in depth, surfaces and colors.

New York City Design Award 2017


The name “Toki” comes from the word for “pieces” in Veneto’s dialect. Dynamic shapes occupy and fill the space with a constant evolution of geometric configurations. Toki was originally developed as a partition wall for indoor and outdoor spaces, but thanks to its unique modules, which can rotate freely, it offers unlimited combinations to create distinctive partitions.


Small elements that combine to create a bigger design: Kido comes alive thanks to many small pots that climb a vertical wall, creating a thick green texture. The simple geometric shape of each piece becomes a rich and complex design that embellishes every space. This project is extremely versatile, perfect for every environment: public or private, indoor or outdoor.