Interior Design

Our company aims to make hand crafted porcelain stoneware the accent of choice for interior design. New, contemporary handcrafted designs contribute prestige to architectural projects. Modern minimalist and spartan homes are enhanced by the artistic design of unique and exclusive accents.

TRILOGY by Giovanni Barbieri

Trilogy is a new concept in decorative tiles. Following Giovanni Barbieri’s design for Stone Source, Lineasette created the first three-dimensional ceramic tiles. Three hexagonal modules are available to offer designers the utmost freedom to create distinctive arrangements and to take advantage of the tiles variations in depth, surfaces and colors.

2016 Best Of Year INTERIOR DESIGN award
2017 New York City Design Award


The name “Toki” comes from the Venetian dialect for “pieces.” Dynamic shapes rebel against convention with a constant evolution of geometric patterns.
This product was first envisioned as a partition wall, either indoors or outside in the garden. Toki’s uniquely designed modules, freely rotating and capsizing, encourage countless combinations to create distinctive partitions.


Small elements combine to build a bigger design: Kido comes to life thanks to a series of several small pots climbing up a vertical wall, creating a tight green texture. The simple geometric shape creates a rich and complex design that enhances any space. With its versatility, this product compliments any type of interior or exterior environment, be it a public space or a private home.