Harmony, Essence, Craftsmanship

Since 1977, Lineasette has handcrafted design pieces made of porcelain stoneware, a durable and waterproof ceramic material, which gives prestige and elegance to every piece. Our hearts, our minds, and our hands, through water, heart, and fire, set free its most intimate essence, stripping it of all that is superfluous and looking for the best quality in every detail.




Made in Italy

Our products are designed and manufactured entirely in Italy, to ensure their quality and craftmanship. Every piece, born within our big Lineasette family, combines the creativity of our designers and the craftmanship of our expert master craftsmen.



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New Lineasette Catalogue

Explore the 2022 Lineasette Catalogue to find the new ideas and affordable solutions conceived and crafted by our team of designers and artisans.
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